#1 Sign Your Core isn’t Working Properly

It’s an amazing feeling knowing you have total control over your body and what it’s able to do. The first test to pass in any of my programs is going to be the pushup! If you can’t do a proper pushup, your core isn’t fully activated. Core is everything so the first phase of any program should be activating and strengthening the core.


#1 sign your stomach muscles are activated is your ability to do a proper pushup! Back neutral, stomach pulled inward, elbows alongside your body, body hits a good depth.


take the challenge

50 in morning

50 at night less than 2 minutes a clip


if youre struggling with this and cant do a pushup, get out this program that will give you the workouts that will activae you and help you master the pushup.


if you can do a puhshup,

check out this program with insane variations to push yourself to the max in terms of explosiveness, speed, strength and overall fitness.

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Is Your Core Working?

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