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I got my first taste of hard training when I did a short youth program with the NJ State Troopers. We ran and did calisthenics in the sand at 5 am and found ourselves nose to nose with Troopers yelling at us if we slacked. It was intense but I loved how it provoked me. Unfortunately, I didn’t stick with it when it was over. But fitness always made its way back to me. There was a boxing gym a minute away from my dorm in college. I loved it but I still wasn’t fully inspired. Two years after, I came across Iron Reign Cross-fit. It was my first introduction to weight lifting. It was insane but I loved it! I found another piece to the puzzle that made me love working out. But something was still missing. I then became NASM certified and found my own style of training. It’s a fusion of intense cardio like boxing and jumprope mixed with the strength circuits you’ll find in cross-fit, along with my own take on plyometric and calisthenic drills.


I know what it’s like to feel like you have an average body or average strength and I know what it’s like to climb out of average. I adore my job because I get to help people become a version of themselves that they had no idea about. I’m trying to introduce Vision Driven Training to as many people as possible and would love for you to train with me.


Be prepared to take it to the max and expect to get your ass kicked day in and day out on the program. You’ll be in the best shape of your life. There is nothing like being fast, strong and smooth. We will hit every form of training, from boxing to jumprope, to calisthenics to heavy weights and agility drills. The program will keep shocking your body so that you continue to transform instead of hitting a plateau. You will have my support throughout the entire challenge. I will be your personal cheerleader and we won’t stop until we crush every goal.

Program Breakdown

Training Session Breakdown

The program will get significantly harder every 6 sessions. Expect to have total control over your body as each phase will help you master calisthenics and plyometrics, weight lifting, intense cardio and explosiveness.

Here is a glimpse of how our sessions will be broken down.


  1. Stretch-

Dynamic and Static Stretches-Expect to get super flexible! It will help you will all other aspects of training

2. Core-

We will always dedicate a part of the session to the core. Without a strong core, everything else will suffer. Core is everything! Prepared to master every type of plank and sit up variation, along with advanced moves such as ab work on the stability ball and decline bench.

3. Circuit 1 and 2-

Mix of Weight Lifting, calisthenics, speed/agility and plyometric work

4. Cardio-

A mix of jumprope, boxing, kickboxing, sprinting drills, tire work, and body weight explosiveness

5. Cool down-


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