#1 Sign Your Core isn’t Working Properly

It’s an amazing feeling knowing you have total control over your body and what it’s able to do. The first test to pass in any of my programs is going to be the pushup! If you can’t do a proper pushup, your core isn’t fully activated. Core is everything so the first phase of any program should be activating and strengthening the core.


#1 sign your stomach muscles are activated is your ability to do a proper pushup! Back neutral, stomach pulled inward, elbows alongside your body, body hits a good depth.


take the challenge

50 in morning

50 at night less than 2 minutes a clip


if youre struggling with this and cant do a pushup, get out this program that will give you the workouts that will activae you and help you master the pushup.


if you can do a puhshup,

check out this program with insane variations to push yourself to the max in terms of explosiveness, speed, strength and overall fitness.

Vegan Taco Wraps



Taco Wraps are a quick way to stay on your eat clean game plan. They’re super easy to make and super healthy as long as you put the right ingredients inside. If you like a crunchy or crispy taste, quickly grill your wrap and then make your own mix by choosing from the following ingredients. These foods have a much higher pH level than what we usually see in wraps, like meat, cheese, cold cuts, and eggs for example.


Ingredient Options:

Seasoned Quinoa

Wild Rice

Roasted Chick peas







Grilled apples






Sautéed peppers

Caramelized onions

Caramelized mushrooms

Roasted Zucchini

Grilled tomatoes



I chose a bed of hummus with quinoa, grilled tomatoes, onions and zucchini mix. I also like to mix sweet and savory flavors like grilled blueberries, grape tomatoes, lime quinoa, and spinach. Or you can stick with just savory flavors and do a sautéed pepper, caramelized onion and mushroom quinoa wrap, topped with grilled apples. So many delicious options. Let me know what you come up with J

Break Fast- Antioxidant Smoothie and Tea

As the word implies, Break fast is the process of breaking your fast by introducing foods back into your body. The American Diet has normalized shocking your body with heavy foods, such as pancakes, bacon or sausage, hash browns/potatoes, omelettes, processed cereals, funky dairy, bagels and eggs, toasts and other starch or yeast items. We often become sluggish and puffy after eating foods like this. That is because our bodies are not designed to be digesting this kind of food. If you are skeptical, go without it for 14 days and stick to ancient grains like quinoa and wild rice and non-dairy non-meat deliciousness like antioxidant smoothies, smooth teas, quinoa, apple and veggie mixes, fruit bowls, and other amazing vegan meals.


Back to breakfast! Instead of shocking your body, warm your body with herbal tea and an antioxidant smoothie. You will get all the nutrition you need to feel light but strong.

You will need:

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen berries (I chose raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries)

1 cup spinach/arugula

1/4 cup walnuts

3 tablespoons hemp seeds

1 cup coconut water

Top 7 Herbal Teas

Grilled Apple and Veggie Quinoa

grilled apples and veggie quinoagrilled apples and veggie quinoagrilled apples and veggie quinoagrilled apples and veggie quinoa


This recipe is the bomb.com. Not only are you getting crazy nutrition, but the caramelized onions paired with sweet apples and peppers is amazing. Before we get into the recipe, let’s briefly talk about the amazing health benefits of mushrooms. This fat burner is super low and calories and also improves the immune system. They are known for containing some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet. Adding mushrooms to your diet can also reduce cholesterol. The fiber content in mushrooms helps lower bad cholesterol, while the low carb content helps regulate diabetes. Since mushrooms absorb whatever conditions they’re grown in, it’s important that you eat organic!


Now time for the recipe!

You’ll need:



chick peas

1 diced onion

2 cups sliced peppers

1 cup mushroom of your choice

2 whole sliced apples

1 cup spinach

Sea salt/pepper

Balsamic Vinegar


First, cook your quinoa and chick peas. Begin caramelizing your onions and mushrooms. Add a pinch of salt and balsamic vinegar. Then throw in your peppers and apples. Throw in the cup of spinach last so it cooks for the least amount of time.  Add the mix to your quinoa and Enjoy!

Berry Quinoa Avocado Salad


This Berry Quinoa Avocado Salad is delicious proof that healthy eating isn’t boring or time consuming. This salad is packed with all the nutrition you need to get your body functioning at its best. The salted chick peas,  juicy berries and lime juice not only provide you with healthy antioxidants and protein but also make the perfect sweet and salty mix. The fluffy quinoa is also a nutritious powerhouse, packing your body with amino acids, vitamins and elements. Quinoa will nourish your body with magnesium, riboflavin, fiber, iron and phosphorus. To continue reading the benefits of quinoa, click here:



To make this delicious recipe, you will need:


1/2 cup strawberries,

1/2 blueberries,

1 cup spinach/arugula

1/2 cup roasted/salted chick peas

1/4 cup grape tomatoes

3 tablespoon hemp seeds

1 cup quinoa

handful of walnuts

half a lime


Avocado dressing:

1/2 cup coconut milk

blend 1 1/2 avocado

1/4 cup lime juice

1/4 cup sesame seed oil

1/4 cup cilantro

salt and pepper to taste


Enjoy and share!

Alkaline Cleanse- Antioxidant Smoothie Option 1

Let me tell you the secret to having an amazing morning, for both you and your body. A cup of herbal tea and an alkaline smoothie!

Tea stimulates the body, speeds up metabolism and even supports the health of your teeth. Its antioxidants protect you on a cellular level so that your body doesn’t allow disease and other health complications. Here is a list of our chosen Top 7 Teas.

Top 7 Herbal Teas



After enjoying your tea, nourish yourself with this Antioxidant Smoothie below.

You will need:

1 frozen banana

1 cup frozen berries (I chose raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries)

1 cup spinach/arugula

1/4 cup walnuts

3 tablespoons hemp seeds

1 cup coconut water


Enjoy and share with a friend who needs a healthy boost!



Delicious Vegan Apple Quinoa Wrap

You’ve messed up if you haven’t tried grilled apples or quinoa in your veggie wraps. This super colorful and healthy vegan wrap is easy to make and will have your stomach feeling clean, nourished and satisfied, never stuffed.

apple quinoa wrap

In order to make this wrap, you will need the following:






Spinach wrap

½ cup spinach

½ avocado

small handful of grape tomatoes

small handful of brussel sprouts

½ apple

small handful of raspberries

Quinoa and chick peas


Oils & Vinegar:

Balsamic fig or raspberry vinaigrette drizzle


First, you want to cook your quinoa and chickpeas. As that’s cooking, you can begin cutting up your apples, avocado, and grape tomatoes.


In a separate pan, caramelize your Brussel sprouts and grill your apples. Once your quinoa is cooked and cooled, begin making your wrap. Line up each ingredient in a neat line, roll it up and enjoy!


Share/review this recipe if you’ve enjoyed it.

Top 7 Herbal Teas

Want to kick-off your metabolism right? Make drinking tea apart of your morning ritual. Herbal teas help our bodies reap the medicinal benefits of certain roots, plants and flowers in an easily digestible form. It’ll also prepare your mood for the day and provide you with some warm cozy aromatherapy. Tea can improve energy levels and even the appearance of your skin.

If you are just learning about the health advantages of tea, you may not know which to try first. Here is a list of 7 teas that have undeniable natural healing and cleansing properties and do not contain additives like essential oils and/or flavors.

herbal teas

Ginger Tea

Ginger is known to be a fat burna’! Consuming ginger in the morning speeds up your metabolism and help you burn stubborn fatty cells. Several studies have also found ginger prevents new cancer cells from forming and destroys existing ones. It aids digestion and can curb nausea and motion sickness.


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a daisy-like herb widely known for its nutritional and even cosmetic benefits. Chamomile is a natural sedative and has great calming effects on the mind and body, making it super helpful with insomnia and restlessness. You can also apply the tea topically to skin conditions, such as eczema or rashes, and even on your face. Research has shown it refreshes and repairs skin.


Elderberry Tea

As its name implies, Elderberry tea is derived from dark juicy berries that grow on the Elder bush. It is able to cleanse our blood and support our internal organs. It’s also known to clear up congestion and flu-like symptoms in addition to supporting liver and kidney health. It’s stocked with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s also filled with flavonoids that alleviate inflammation and pain in the joints.

Raspberry Tea

Packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants, raspberry tea protects against a variety of health conditions and diseases. It too relieves joint pain and inflammation and protects the heart and circulatory system.

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is an herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves. This herb helps our digestive system become super efficient. It also supports the health of our respiratory and immune system. Fennel tea has soothing effects that reduce stress hormones and eliminates bloating.

Tila (Linden) Tea

Tila tea relieves mental stress and anxiety and prevents chronic diseases. The antioxidants in Tila tea help rid your body of disease causing free radicals that form when you are exposed to cigarette smoke or environmental toxins for example. It is also a natural sedative.

Burdock Tea

Burdock tea is made from the root of the Burdock plant. In addition to its powerful antioxidants, it also contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, calcium and iron. It detoxifies the body and supports the health of our internal organs and immune and respiratory system. Burdock tea can be used to treat acid reflux, headaches, cancer, and high blood pressure.


Pushup Mistake #3: Elbows too straight out

Pushup Mistake #3-

So now that you’re focusing on keeping your butt and hips level, it’s time to check your elbows as you go down in your pushup. If they come down alongside your body, you’re good to go. If they go straight out and across, start training yourself to have them come down along your sides. To understand the pattern, stand up and act like you were going to push someone and bring your hands back past your chest. Apply that movement on the ground and that’s your pushup! This way will feel harder at first since now your using the middle chain of muscles down your body. After you activate your core, it will then get easier since your stomach and upper body instead of just the upper body.

Try the at home workout and tell me if you make it out without any burpees!


Pushup Mistake #2: Raised Butt

Mistake #2: Raised butt

Back to the pushup work! So, now that you worked on not dipping your back, make sure you’re not raising your butt to high. This is another way the body tries to compensate. When you keep your butt raised, your not using your core well. Raising your butt also brings your head below your hands when they should be slightly above.

Hit this at workout for 7 days and tell me how it goes! These moves will strengthen your stomach and stability. Stay tuned for mistake #3.

Pushup Mistake # 1

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Proper Pushups

If you want to get in great shape, you need to train yourself to be able to crank out pushups like no one’s business. Perfect form, smooth and controlled. You may think it sucks to do them but once your able to do proper pushups, all the way up, all the way down, you’re gonna’ feel like a badass. Being able to do pushups is also a sign that your core and upper body is activated properly. Pushups and their variations are no joke but they’re one of the best best body weight moves out there.

Let's go over a common mistake/compensation

A sunken in back! The back dips when it’s not supported by the core. If this happens when you’re doing a pushup, you have to strengthen your stomach to be able to maintain your body in a level position. Try out the workout written for 7 days. Time yourself on day 1 and keep choppin’ down your time. When your done with the 7 days, come check out pushup mistake #2.

  • 3 Top Plank Mistakes

3 Top Plank Mistakes

If you really want to feel the burn in your stomach during a plank, get rid of these three common mistakes.

Mistake #1

Raised butt and back

You don’t want your butt and hips to be in the air. You want to lean your body INTO the plank, not away. When you lean your body into the plank, your face will be slightly above your hands. This is the promise land where you feel the most burn. If you pull away from the plank, you’ll allow your butt to raise and you’ll lose its full benefit.


Mistake #2

Sunken butt and back

When you let your back and stomach sink to the ground, you lose the entire purpose of doing a plank. Fight the burn and keep your stomach pulled inward. Keep your back and hips level and parallel to the floor.


Mistake #3

The final culprit is an overly arched back:

Everyone has a natural arch in the back, but when planking and doing most ab work, you want to train yourself to pull your stomach inward and slightly tuck your butt in. This hallow position activates your stomach muscles and changes the shape of your back from arched or dipped to engaged and level. Keep trying to pull your stomach in deeper and deeper. Once you learn how to use your core, you’ll be able to make sure your stomach muscles do most of the work during the plank instead of allowing yourself to compensate. This is important for people who feel pain/discomfort in their lower back when planking.


To train your stomach the right way during a plank, follow these three tips:

Tip #1:

Actively pull your belly button and lower core inward until you eliminate the arch in your back. There should be no space between your back and the floor.

Tip #2:

Lean into the burn! Don’t pull away and stick your butt in the air. Your face should be slightly above your hands.

Tip #3:

Plank for long enough! Train yourself to be able to hold a 2-minute plank without stopping. If you keep stopping every couple of seconds, you lose the effect. Once you’re able to hold two minutes without breaking, its time to turn it up. Plank with a weighted plate on your back (start with 10lbs then work your way up to 20-45lbs), then do one-legged planks where one leg is raised in the air. Finally, learn to plank on BOSU and stability balls. Your stomach will be on fire! But these plank progressions are one of the best ways to train the stomach.


Read my post on “Plank Progressions”

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