Body Fat Percentage- Why the Scale isn’t as Important

If you’re starting a new fitness program or getting back into the gym, you’re main focus may be on weight loss. Weight loss is awesome but I want to share with you guys that weight loss is by no means the only measure of progress. What you want to pay attention to is how your clothes fit, your new strength and most importantly, what percentage of your weight is muscle and body fat. For example, about two years ago, I was 145 pounds, 26% body fat. Once I started taking training seriously and started to see amazing results, I still weighed about 140, only a 5lb difference, but I lost 4% body fat. My body looked totally different! Now I am about 135lbs but am 19% body fat, again only a 5 lb difference but a major change in body fat and muscle mass! My point is to learn how to measure your success in the right ways.

Five pounds of muscle weighs the same as five pounds of fat, but it sits on the body so much differently! As you can see, muscle is compact and organized whereas fat is loose and occupies much more space. As you continue past month one, your body will build more and more lean muscle, which is exactly what you want. However, your scale won’t show this progress. I bring this up to explain to you why you shouldn’t become fixated on the number on the scale. Initially, you will drop weight for sure but eventually you may reach a plateau. (Some will reach a plateau quicker than others depending on how much weight there is to lose) What that means is the progress that you make from that point on won’t necessarily be weight loss. It will be muscle gain and a lower body fat %, which again won’t be reflected on the scale. Learn to measure your success by comparing your measurements, how you feel, how your clothes fit, how your body looks, and how much stronger you’re getting!

I have written a fitness program that I’m POSITIVE will help you not only lose weight, but gain muscle. I’m excited to see your transformations!





Below is a quick cardio toning routine that you can try! Tell me how it goes.

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  1. LaaLaa says:

    This was something I learnt, I started to change my eating habits to see if I can drop lbs but of course I noticed my body fat didn’t drop much because I wasn’t burning much so now I’ve got my eating under control and steady back to the kettlebells to burn more fat. I’m looking forward to hopefully burning that fat and making it muscle!

    1. says:

      You got this! Keep eating clean, hit the weights and you’ll tone up for sure. Next week I’ll be posting some leg, core and arm circuit routines that you can try if you’d like.

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