• Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

To each his own but I like my makeup on the lighter side. There are little tricks on how to get a natural contour going instead of going insane layering multiple products. I like makeup that enhances what someone already has instead of making them look so perfect, they look artificial and unrecognizable or makeup looks that are cakey. For this natural makeup look, we’re going to keep it simple with minimal product and time!

The process: 

  • Clean skin with witch hazel.
  • Apply BB/CC cream gently as if it were moisturizer. BB/CC cream is super lightweight and is much thinner than foundation. It will give you a light natural makeup look. If you need a little more coverage, apply two layers.
  • Apply concealer under the eyes in an upside down triangular shape, not straight across the under eye.
  • Apply bare minerals foundation powder or a powder of your choice on the top of your forehead, cheek bone area, and jawline. This will create a natural contour. (The powder color should be 1-2 shades darker than your skintone) The purpose of contouring is to mimic the ways light hits the face. It also defines the face and makes it pop. But contouring and foundation often is used in excess and can make someone look too perfect and fake or cakey. Less is more 🙂
  • Fill in eyebrows, curl lashes and apply lip gloss or lipstick!
    • Put a small amount of vaseline on lashes and comb them
    • If you want your eyes to pop more, apply mascara. Check out my posts on the best mascaras out there 🙂
  • Done!

Keep it simple and enhance what you already have. Big lashes, a glowing complexion and definition in the cheeks is all a woman needs. I know many women prefer to use foundation instead of BB cream since it provides more coverage for acne and discoloration but I would also suggest working on the real foundation of our faces first, which is our natural skin. Get to the root of your acne or breakout issue instead of using heavy coverage. Depending on the type of skin problem, it can be fixed with a better diet and skin care routine 🙂


For more skin care tips, read the post below and tell me what you think of the suggestions 🙂

Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Complexion

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  • Summer Fashion- jean shorts

Summer Fashion- jean shorts

I know we’re getting ready for fall but these surprise 90 degree days have me going back to my summer wardrobe.  My go to? Cut off jean shorts and a basic tee or tank. You can rock this with sandals or sneaks for a laid back look or dress it up for a night out. Dressing this look up takes minutes. Grab your favorite pair of wedges and your basically done. Mine are from BCBG. This look is super affordable and can easily be replicated. My tank top and jean shorts are from the GAP, one of my favorite places to shop for the basics.



  • Old Hollywood Inspo

Old Hollywood Inspo

To me, there was something so elegant and inspiring about the way women dressed in the 40’s-60’s. With their vintage waves hair styles and long skirts and dresses, they embodied glamour, beauty and grace.

Here is my modern day twist on this classic femininity. Vintage waves are a lot tighter than what I chose to do. Mine are much looser waves but I think they get the job done!

The makeup back then was glamorous yet simple. Big eye lashes, and a bold lip.



Eyelashes & Mascara- Best Tips

What woman doesn’t love big eyelashes!? Here are some tricks on how to put your eyelashes on the map.

  • Start with an eyelash curler: curl your eyelashes starting at the root and clamp down multiple times then curl again slightly above the root and clamp down multiple times. This will give you the best curl.
  • The “Chizzle”. Don’t ask me why I call it this but move the brush from left to right in a quick motion starting at the root, instead of brushing your eyelashes upward. This little vibration reduces clumps, separates lashes and creates awesome volume.
  • I have yet to find the mascara brush that gives me everything I want so I use two different mascaras. First, I use L’Oreal’s “Double Extend Beauty Tubes” mascara. Amazing stuff! It’s great because the formula tubes your eyelashes so when you remove it with water, it literally just slides off no mess! If I want a natural look, I’ll just apply the L’Oreal masacara. If I want a more dramatic look, I’ll use Maybelline’s “LashSensational Full Fan Effect”. The Bomb! The wand is amazing and has so many brush bristles. It has a funky fanned shape that handles everything. It lengthens and declumps.

When choosing your mascara, make sure there are a lot of bristles on the brush that are close together. This will give your eyelashes that fanned out effect.

  • Curl again once mascara has dried

You’re now ready to showcase your flawless lashes!

Eyelash Care tips:

Once you remove your mascara, put a tiny drop of castor oil on a q-tip and rub on eyelashes.

Big lashes without mascara-

If you are in a rush or going to the gym and want a very natural look, here are quick tips on how to achieve big full lashes.

  • Curl lashes starting at the root and clamp down multiple times
  • Do the same but this time curl slightly above the root of your lashes
  • Last but not least, dab a bit of Vaseline on the middle of your lashes for volume.

For more on natural makeup routines, read the post below and also comment! 🙂


Natural Makeup


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  • Beauty and Substance vs Lust and Superficiality

Beauty and Substance vs Lust and Superficiality

True Power

What makes a woman beautiful to me is when she is powerful in her natural and raw state. Not in the sense that she doesn’t have makeup on but in the sense that her self-presentation isn’t so calculated, self-conscious or apologetic. She gives off a cool confidence in just being whoever she is. This type of beauty, for the most part, is not depicted in the representations of women in mainstream media. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are bombarded with tens of thousands of advertisements and music videos that present women in an overly sexualized and one-dimensional way. Femininity becomes artificial as the women morph into the same sexual object; it is the same monotonous and overly- arched pose, the same seductive gaze, facial expression and provocative clothing that leaves nothing for the imagination. Her presentation becomes more of an act rather than one of authenticity and realness. It is similar to acting in a certain way because you know someone is watching or observing. If men presented themselves in the same way, we would be able to see how ridiculous some advertisements of women are.


The Ugly Truth Behind Most Advertisements 

What is being advertised is lust and seduction in attempts to make the viewer purchase a given product. There is a huge difference between lust and beauty but mainstream media makes it easy to confuse the two. As women, we sometimes fall into the trap of exhibiting our sex appeal in a way that comes at the expense of our real beauty. Many ads, magazines, videos and social media portray women in a way where their value is tied to their ability to make men desire them and to make other women desire to look like them. This power is temporary since it depends on an external source instead of an internal source. There is no depth or substance to hold onto. Seeing a woman sexually is no longer seen as a privilege, but a requirement that is on display for the public.

In mainstream media, the woman becomes an object playing out the same script. In real portrait photography, the woman is a powerful subject and retains her dignity.


Dignity vs Seduction

In the first two photos, I feel seduction and lust coming out of their eyes. They draw or seduce the viewer in instead of giving off who they are as women. I am focused on their bodies and nothing else. The last two photos, I actually wonder about who these women are. They maintain their dignity and true beauty. That is not to say the other women are not beautiful; I am just analyzing the portrayal of the women. I am not saying not to own your sex appeal. But I am saying when that’s the main way women are presented, it becomes a problem. Especially for young girls and women who passively consume all these images to the point where it starts to affect their perception of true beauty and power. It starts to become a problem when that’s the only way you know how to present yourself.

Find the depth of your beauty and be that!

Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Complexion

Four Skin Care Tips for a Great Complexion

It’s safe to say big lashes and a clear fresh complexion is all a woman needs to look awesome. But how do we go about establishing our skin care routine with all the different products on the market? Let’s narrow it down by saying most commercial and even some high-end facial cleansers contain harsh chemicals that dry out skin. The secret to achieving that fresh-faced glow is pampering your skin with all natural oils and butters. Check out my full skin care routine below!

The essentials in my Personal Skin Care Stash

  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Toner/Astringent
  4. Scrub
  5. Homemade masks
  6. Spot treatment
  7. Natural Oils, such as coconut oil, to use as makeup remover

There’s nothing like a good facial cleanser. My cleanser is a mixture of Pure Castile liquid soap and almond oil. (I use Dr. Bronner’s or Dr. Wood’s. You can also use liquid Black Soap, which is equally amazing.) Organic Castile soap will leave you with that squeaky clean feeling. Since the soap is strong, it’s sure to remove all of your makeup. But depending on your skin type, it can also leave your face feeling a bit tight so I dilute the soap with almond oil. Find the right ratio for you. You can also try avocado or coconut oil. It’ll be the best thing that happened to your skin! Always shake the mixture before using so that the oil doesn’t settle. Rub it on your skin in soft circular motions until it lathers. It’s a great mixture for the body too.


Moisturizer and Deep Cleanser

After I cleanse, I moisturize my face in the shower with Shea butter. It’ll glide on beautifully and your skin will absorb what it needs. A little goes a long way. Shea butter usually comes in a hard form so you will need to use a spoon to break it up and create a creamy mixture. I usually mix enough for a month.

To deep clean my pores, I use a cucumber toner (take picture) or witch hazel. I usually use this after the gym or after I remove my makeup at night.

When my skin is looking dull or feeling uneven, St. Ives Oatmeal scrub is my go to. I also enjoy making my own homemade avocado scrubs or I purchase scrubs from Lush.

To really put your skin on the map, I recommend doing a face mask twice a week.

Last but not least, let’s talk about spot treatments for stubborn pimples. If you can, refrain from picking at your face completely! But if you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself in the bathroom mirror poppin’ pimples for 30 minutes straight after telling yourself you would only get one. Immediately after, you’re filled with regret as you look at your red puffy face. After these sessions, you need to immediately cover the spots with tea tree oil diluted with a little water or dab a little bit of your favorite face mask on.

Additional skin care trick for oily skin:

Before bed, slap on a little baby powder. Your skin will absorb what it needs during the night and you will wake up with a matte fresh faced complexion.

Below, find a few links for the products I use!


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