Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Complexion

Four Skin Care Tips for a Great Complexion

It’s safe to say big lashes and a clear fresh complexion is all a woman needs to look awesome. But how do we go about establishing our skin care routine with all the different products on the market? Let’s narrow it down by saying most commercial and even some high-end facial cleansers contain harsh chemicals that dry out skin. The secret to achieving that fresh-faced glow is pampering your skin with all natural oils and butters. Check out my full skin care routine below!

The essentials in my Personal Skin Care Stash

  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Toner/Astringent
  4. Scrub
  5. Homemade masks
  6. Spot treatment
  7. Natural Oils, such as coconut oil, to use as makeup remover

There’s nothing like a good facial cleanser. My cleanser is a mixture of Pure Castile liquid soap and almond oil. (I use Dr. Bronner’s or Dr. Wood’s. You can also use liquid Black Soap, which is equally amazing.) Organic Castile soap will leave you with that squeaky clean feeling. Since the soap is strong, it’s sure to remove all of your makeup. But depending on your skin type, it can also leave your face feeling a bit tight so I dilute the soap with almond oil. Find the right ratio for you. You can also try avocado or coconut oil. It’ll be the best thing that happened to your skin! Always shake the mixture before using so that the oil doesn’t settle. Rub it on your skin in soft circular motions until it lathers. It’s a great mixture for the body too.


Moisturizer and Deep Cleanser

After I cleanse, I moisturize my face in the shower with Shea butter. It’ll glide on beautifully and your skin will absorb what it needs. A little goes a long way. Shea butter usually comes in a hard form so you will need to use a spoon to break it up and create a creamy mixture. I usually mix enough for a month.

To deep clean my pores, I use a cucumber toner (take picture) or witch hazel. I usually use this after the gym or after I remove my makeup at night.

When my skin is looking dull or feeling uneven, St. Ives Oatmeal scrub is my go to. I also enjoy making my own homemade avocado scrubs or I purchase scrubs from Lush.

To really put your skin on the map, I recommend doing a face mask twice a week.

Last but not least, let’s talk about spot treatments for stubborn pimples. If you can, refrain from picking at your face completely! But if you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself in the bathroom mirror poppin’ pimples for 30 minutes straight after telling yourself you would only get one. Immediately after, you’re filled with regret as you look at your red puffy face. After these sessions, you need to immediately cover the spots with tea tree oil diluted with a little water or dab a little bit of your favorite face mask on.

Additional skin care trick for oily skin:

Before bed, slap on a little baby powder. Your skin will absorb what it needs during the night and you will wake up with a matte fresh faced complexion.

Below, find a few links for the products I use!


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