• “Do the Work” – Steven Pressfield

“Do the Work” – Steven Pressfield

“I stand in awe of anyone who hatches a dream and who shows the guts to hang tough, all alone, and sees it through reality”

I read this book when I was in a bit of a slump and wasn’t putting 100% into my dreams and goals so it was a perfect read. It begins by talking about a force of resistance that constantly tries to distract us from doing what we have to do. Whether it be starting your own business, going back to school, losing 10lbs or 50lbs, getting out of a bad relationship, or becoming a famous actress, there is always this force trying to block us from moving forward into the best version of ourselves. The roadblocks begin in our mind as thought patterns that sabotage our actions and confidence. Once we learn to stop giving fear, doubt, procrastination, shyness, ego, and self loathing/complaining power, we can tap into our ability to get shit done.

Once you become aware of these thought patterns, cut them out and form the following habits:

  • Start on your goals and vision before you think you’re ready.
    • If you over-think or over-analyze, doubt or fear will kick in and you’ll procrastinate or not start at all!  Just start! And finish what you set out to do.
    • The more you commit to your dreams, the more you’ll receive assistance and attract good people, events, and ideas into your life that will help you put it all together. The more you act on it, the more things will fall in place.
  • Remind yourself why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for. This should always fuel you!
  • Love your vision and what you do. It’s the only way you’ll do great work. Otherwise you’ll just put in the bare minimum.
  • Act out of instinct and passion, not out of overthinking.
    1. Trust the ideas that come to you and trust the things that inspire you. They’re your compass. And remember, the negative thoughts in our heads are just chatter and nonsense. Control it and keep affirming your dreams and progress.
  • Prepare for resistance. When you set out to do something big or good for yourself, there are going to be times where you want to slack, procrastinate or quit but you have to program yourself out of that and be able to keep control when those periods are trying to attack!
  • Reflect on your progress and make the necessary adjustments but don’t stop or quit what you started. What is the point of beginning something if you don’t finish!?

When we work on our goals and dreams,

“It generates its own energy field, created by your own will and your attention. This field attracts like spirited entities into orbit” such as ideas, inspiration, motivation, and the desire to get shit done!

This book is awesome because it doesn’t just give you the overly chipper and fluffy advice to “Follow your Dreams” and “Follow your Heart” but also talks about the more gritty side of fulfilling your goals and dreams. It talks about being tested along the way when it gets hard, when things don’t go exactly as planned, and when things temporarily crash on you. During those moments, you gotta ask yourself how bad do you want it? And why? When you have a minor set back, do you panic and quit? Or adjust and keep pushin’. Set backs and even total failures just signal room for growth, some kind of lesson to be learned. They’re meant to instill a new trait and a new understanding in you that you’ll use to handle the next level of your success.

The Enemy Within

One of the main take aways is that our thoughts are a program that either inspire us to act and become the most powerful version of ourselves or the average version of ourselves.  The enemy is inside of us and our thoughts but is NOT us. We just often give these mindsets so much power that we confuse it as ourselves. We have the daily job of evolving the way we think and evolving what we believe is possible for ourselves.

Truly own your dreams and visions by fully trusting that you can live them out. And if some people, even friends and family, don’t believe in your vision at first, that’s okay! Your own faith in it must overpower every form of resistance.

Make your dreams huge and respect your goals by accomplishing them. Never have an average mindset. Love your work and love the grind. Start before your ready, trust yourself and see it through. If you let your dreams die, they will always haunt you.

Here is a link to the book!

Read the post below for more on the power of mentality. Write your comments below 🙂

Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality

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  • Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality

Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality


Where do our insecurities and doubts come from? They begin in our minds as thoughts that we let fester. We have about 70,000 thoughts a day! If we don’t learn to constantly monitor and upgrade our thought process and mentality, we will endure a lot of self sabotage. We may constantly live in the past, worry about a future that hasn’t even come yet, or live in illusions, denial, and negativity. We may also find our minds cluttered with so much inner noise and chatter that we lose touch with the right direction we need to move in. Each thought is either propelling us forward or keeping us stagnant.

Our mentality is a program. 

The mind is like a computer. Our mentality is the program that determines our lifestyle, habits and self-value. Becoming aware of the type of programming we’re under is the first step towards upgrading it.

The following have really helped me overthrow patterns of self sabotage that have kept me from progressing into the next level of myself.

  • First, actively decide what thoughts you’re going to allow in your mind. Don’t passively allow thousands of thoughts to swarm around aimlessly. You’re in charge. Ask yourself does this thought empower me? If it doesn’t, why do I allow myself to think it and authorize it? Do my thoughts make me feel insecure, doubtful or powerless? If so, why do I give them power? Make sure all thoughts inspire you to act towards your goals and visions. Make sure your thoughts give you direction and discipline.
  • Discredit all thoughts that take away your confidence in being able to complete something you set out to do. If you start thinking negative thoughts, know self sabotage is trying to creep in. Just take a second to reach for a higher thought. Keep reaching upward until you align your thoughts back into the positive. If your thoughts always point to what may go wrong or why something won’t work out, instead of what will go right, you will program yourself to be most comfortable in your doubt. Now you are bound to limits and boundaries that didn’t exist before but now do exist because of your thought process. This is self sabotage setting you up to remain stuck.
  • Once you’ve become aware of the limits in your mind, get rid of them. Now you will gradually start to grant yourself permission to think and act with a bigger vision and work ethic.
  • Understand no excuse is valid! If you want to accomplish something, accomplish it. Don’t allow your mind to persuade you with logical excuses as to why you haven’t started on your goals yet. Begin and stay consistent.
  • Don’t associate yourself with your present circumstance, whether they be good or bad. Always envision yourself upgrading. Let’s use the caterpillar and the butterfly as an example. The caterpillar represents our current situation. The butterfly represents our goal transformation. As the caterpillar, you don’t want to focus so much on the fact that you’re struggling inside a dark cocoon. You want to put faith in your circumstances after the cocoon, which would be the formation of the wings that set you free into the next version of yourself. Some people get so mentally trapped in their current situation that they mistake it for who they are and miss their shot to transform into something better.

Don’t be your own downfall.

You are your sneakiest enemy! Always know what kind of mentality you are operating out of. Analyze the ways we sabotage ourselves in our mind. Make sure your thoughts are aligned with advancement, not stagnation. And always evolve what you believe about yourself and what you believe is possible! Because we act in ways that align with our beliefs, thus making them true again. Reprograming ourselves will not happen overnight but it is one of the most powerful processes.


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Goals- Setting them and Completing Them

Everyone has goals! Whether we voice them or not, we all have tons of ideas and desires floating around in our head. But a lot of us struggle with bringing them into fruition. Here are some tips on how to bring your goals to life instead of them just remaining a thought in your head or something you regret not doing:


  1. Analyze why you didn’t accomplish your goals and endeavors. Analyze the ways you may have sabotaged yourself in the past.
  2. Realize NO EXCUSE IS VALID! Just get to work and crush your goals. Discipline yourself. Fall in love with the grind and hustle of whatever it is your working towards. Fall in love with becoming the next version of yourself.
  3. Write three main short-term goals and three long-term goals in bold letters and place it somewhere you look at the most throughout the day. With so many things going on in our lives, it’s easy to lose priority. This is why it’s important to have physical reminders to help us keep our eyes on the prize.
  4. Commit and take your word seriously! If you say you are going to do something, do it. Your word is your bond. Remain accountable to every goal you speak and write down. No half-assing.
  5. JUST BEGIN and figure out the details out as you go. Once you begin, your intention becomes really strong and you’ll find yourself attracting people, experiences and realizations into your life that will help you along the way. But if you’re constantly “preparing” and thinking in your head, you’ll most likely over think and self-doubt and procrastination will kick in. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start on your endeavors because it will never come. Just begin!

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Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality

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