#1 Sign Your Core isn’t Working Properly

It’s an amazing feeling knowing you have total control over your body and what it’s able to do. The first test to pass in any of my programs is going to be the pushup! If you can’t do a proper pushup, your core isn’t fully activated. Core is everything so the first phase of any program should be activating and strengthening the core.


#1 sign your stomach muscles are activated is your ability to do a proper pushup! Back neutral, stomach pulled inward, elbows alongside your body, body hits a good depth.


take the challenge

50 in morning

50 at night less than 2 minutes a clip


if youre struggling with this and cant do a pushup, get out this program that will give you the workouts that will activae you and help you master the pushup.


if you can do a puhshup,

check out this program with insane variations to push yourself to the max in terms of explosiveness, speed, strength and overall fitness.

Delicious Vegan Apple Quinoa Wrap

You’ve messed up if you haven’t tried grilled apples or quinoa in your veggie wraps. This super colorful and healthy vegan wrap is easy to make and will have your stomach feeling clean, nourished and satisfied, never stuffed.

apple quinoa wrap

In order to make this wrap, you will need the following:






Spinach wrap

½ cup spinach

½ avocado

small handful of grape tomatoes

small handful of brussel sprouts

½ apple

small handful of raspberries

Quinoa and chick peas


Oils & Vinegar:

Balsamic fig or raspberry vinaigrette drizzle


First, you want to cook your quinoa and chickpeas. As that’s cooking, you can begin cutting up your apples, avocado, and grape tomatoes.


In a separate pan, caramelize your Brussel sprouts and grill your apples. Once your quinoa is cooked and cooled, begin making your wrap. Line up each ingredient in a neat line, roll it up and enjoy!


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Top 7 Herbal Teas

Want to kick-off your metabolism right? Make drinking tea apart of your morning ritual. Herbal teas help our bodies reap the medicinal benefits of certain roots, plants and flowers in an easily digestible form. It’ll also prepare your mood for the day and provide you with some warm cozy aromatherapy. Tea can improve energy levels and even the appearance of your skin.

If you are just learning about the health advantages of tea, you may not know which to try first. Here is a list of 7 teas that have undeniable natural healing and cleansing properties and do not contain additives like essential oils and/or flavors.

herbal teas

Ginger Tea

Ginger is known to be a fat burna’! Consuming ginger in the morning speeds up your metabolism and help you burn stubborn fatty cells. Several studies have also found ginger prevents new cancer cells from forming and destroys existing ones. It aids digestion and can curb nausea and motion sickness.


Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a daisy-like herb widely known for its nutritional and even cosmetic benefits. Chamomile is a natural sedative and has great calming effects on the mind and body, making it super helpful with insomnia and restlessness. You can also apply the tea topically to skin conditions, such as eczema or rashes, and even on your face. Research has shown it refreshes and repairs skin.


Elderberry Tea

As its name implies, Elderberry tea is derived from dark juicy berries that grow on the Elder bush. It is able to cleanse our blood and support our internal organs. It’s also known to clear up congestion and flu-like symptoms in addition to supporting liver and kidney health. It’s stocked with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s also filled with flavonoids that alleviate inflammation and pain in the joints.

Raspberry Tea

Packed with phytonutrients and antioxidants, raspberry tea protects against a variety of health conditions and diseases. It too relieves joint pain and inflammation and protects the heart and circulatory system.

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is an herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves. This herb helps our digestive system become super efficient. It also supports the health of our respiratory and immune system. Fennel tea has soothing effects that reduce stress hormones and eliminates bloating.

Tila (Linden) Tea

Tila tea relieves mental stress and anxiety and prevents chronic diseases. The antioxidants in Tila tea help rid your body of disease causing free radicals that form when you are exposed to cigarette smoke or environmental toxins for example. It is also a natural sedative.

Burdock Tea

Burdock tea is made from the root of the Burdock plant. In addition to its powerful antioxidants, it also contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, calcium and iron. It detoxifies the body and supports the health of our internal organs and immune and respiratory system. Burdock tea can be used to treat acid reflux, headaches, cancer, and high blood pressure.


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#1 Sign Your Core Isn’t Working Properly

It’s an amazing feeling to know you have total control over your body and what it can do. The first test to pass in any of my programs is the pushup! Back neutral, stomach pulled inward, elbows bend alongside your body, not horizontally.  If you can’t do a proper pushup, your core isn’t fully activated. Core is everything so the first phase of any program should be activating and strengthening the core.

A strong core will help you with every aspect of training your body. It also helps you keep great posture and helps eliminate back pain. Take this quick core test to see what phase of core training you’re in!

  1. How long can you hold a plank for with perfect form? (read “Top Plank Mistakes” for form)
  2. How many pushups can you do in one minute? Max effort! No break for 60 seconds.
  3. How many shoulder taps can you do in one minute? Max effort! No break for 60 seconds.
  4. How many sit-up variations can you do?

Here’s a video of me explaining each movement and showing you how to position your body in a way that will burn the most and activate your stomach muscles.

Congrats! Now that you know what phase you’re in, we can get to work. If you felt the burn in your stomach during the assessment, you’re ready to go. If you felt any of these exercises in your lower back, you need to perfect your form and strengthen your stomach muscles so that they can take over the movement. Set a goal and practice. Keep your core tight and pulled in.

Perfect the core test and make your way into Phase C. By Phase C, your stomach will be able to handle my Four Top Ab moves.


Hanging crunch

Heavy renegades

Stability Ball Plank



For more core tricks, read, “Top Plank Mistakes”

  • Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality

Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality


Where do our insecurities and doubts come from? They begin in our minds as thoughts that we let fester. We have about 70,000 thoughts a day! If we don’t learn to constantly monitor and upgrade our thought process and mentality, we will endure a lot of self sabotage. We may constantly live in the past, worry about a future that hasn’t even come yet, or live in illusions, denial, and negativity. We may also find our minds cluttered with so much inner noise and chatter that we lose touch with the right direction we need to move in. Each thought is either propelling us forward or keeping us stagnant.

Our mentality is a program. 

The mind is like a computer. Our mentality is the program that determines our lifestyle, habits and self-value. Becoming aware of the type of programming we’re under is the first step towards upgrading it.

The following have really helped me overthrow patterns of self sabotage that have kept me from progressing into the next level of myself.

  • First, actively decide what thoughts you’re going to allow in your mind. Don’t passively allow thousands of thoughts to swarm around aimlessly. You’re in charge. Ask yourself does this thought empower me? If it doesn’t, why do I allow myself to think it and authorize it? Do my thoughts make me feel insecure, doubtful or powerless? If so, why do I give them power? Make sure all thoughts inspire you to act towards your goals and visions. Make sure your thoughts give you direction and discipline.
  • Discredit all thoughts that take away your confidence in being able to complete something you set out to do. If you start thinking negative thoughts, know self sabotage is trying to creep in. Just take a second to reach for a higher thought. Keep reaching upward until you align your thoughts back into the positive. If your thoughts always point to what may go wrong or why something won’t work out, instead of what will go right, you will program yourself to be most comfortable in your doubt. Now you are bound to limits and boundaries that didn’t exist before but now do exist because of your thought process. This is self sabotage setting you up to remain stuck.
  • Once you’ve become aware of the limits in your mind, get rid of them. Now you will gradually start to grant yourself permission to think and act with a bigger vision and work ethic.
  • Understand no excuse is valid! If you want to accomplish something, accomplish it. Don’t allow your mind to persuade you with logical excuses as to why you haven’t started on your goals yet. Begin and stay consistent.
  • Don’t associate yourself with your present circumstance, whether they be good or bad. Always envision yourself upgrading. Let’s use the caterpillar and the butterfly as an example. The caterpillar represents our current situation. The butterfly represents our goal transformation. As the caterpillar, you don’t want to focus so much on the fact that you’re struggling inside a dark cocoon. You want to put faith in your circumstances after the cocoon, which would be the formation of the wings that set you free into the next version of yourself. Some people get so mentally trapped in their current situation that they mistake it for who they are and miss their shot to transform into something better.

Don’t be your own downfall.

You are your sneakiest enemy! Always know what kind of mentality you are operating out of. Analyze the ways we sabotage ourselves in our mind. Make sure your thoughts are aligned with advancement, not stagnation. And always evolve what you believe about yourself and what you believe is possible! Because we act in ways that align with our beliefs, thus making them true again. Reprograming ourselves will not happen overnight but it is one of the most powerful processes.


Read the post below for more on staying goal orientated!



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Goals- Setting them and Completing Them

Everyone has goals! Whether we voice them or not, we all have tons of ideas and desires floating around in our head. But a lot of us struggle with bringing them into fruition. Here are some tips on how to bring your goals to life instead of them just remaining a thought in your head or something you regret not doing:


  1. Analyze why you didn’t accomplish your goals and endeavors. Analyze the ways you may have sabotaged yourself in the past.
  2. Realize NO EXCUSE IS VALID! Just get to work and crush your goals. Discipline yourself. Fall in love with the grind and hustle of whatever it is your working towards. Fall in love with becoming the next version of yourself.
  3. Write three main short-term goals and three long-term goals in bold letters and place it somewhere you look at the most throughout the day. With so many things going on in our lives, it’s easy to lose priority. This is why it’s important to have physical reminders to help us keep our eyes on the prize.
  4. Commit and take your word seriously! If you say you are going to do something, do it. Your word is your bond. Remain accountable to every goal you speak and write down. No half-assing.
  5. JUST BEGIN and figure out the details out as you go. Once you begin, your intention becomes really strong and you’ll find yourself attracting people, experiences and realizations into your life that will help you along the way. But if you’re constantly “preparing” and thinking in your head, you’ll most likely over think and self-doubt and procrastination will kick in. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start on your endeavors because it will never come. Just begin!

Read the post below for more on protecting our mindset and staying goal orientated!


Self Sabotage and Power of Mentality

Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Complexion

Four Skin Care Tips for a Great Complexion

It’s safe to say big lashes and a clear fresh complexion is all a woman needs to look awesome. But how do we go about establishing our skin care routine with all the different products on the market? Let’s narrow it down by saying most commercial and even some high-end facial cleansers contain harsh chemicals that dry out skin. The secret to achieving that fresh-faced glow is pampering your skin with all natural oils and butters. Check out my full skin care routine below!

The essentials in my Personal Skin Care Stash

  1. Facial cleanser
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Toner/Astringent
  4. Scrub
  5. Homemade masks
  6. Spot treatment
  7. Natural Oils, such as coconut oil, to use as makeup remover

There’s nothing like a good facial cleanser. My cleanser is a mixture of Pure Castile liquid soap and almond oil. (I use Dr. Bronner’s or Dr. Wood’s. You can also use liquid Black Soap, which is equally amazing.) Organic Castile soap will leave you with that squeaky clean feeling. Since the soap is strong, it’s sure to remove all of your makeup. But depending on your skin type, it can also leave your face feeling a bit tight so I dilute the soap with almond oil. Find the right ratio for you. You can also try avocado or coconut oil. It’ll be the best thing that happened to your skin! Always shake the mixture before using so that the oil doesn’t settle. Rub it on your skin in soft circular motions until it lathers. It’s a great mixture for the body too.


Moisturizer and Deep Cleanser

After I cleanse, I moisturize my face in the shower with Shea butter. It’ll glide on beautifully and your skin will absorb what it needs. A little goes a long way. Shea butter usually comes in a hard form so you will need to use a spoon to break it up and create a creamy mixture. I usually mix enough for a month.

To deep clean my pores, I use a cucumber toner (take picture) or witch hazel. I usually use this after the gym or after I remove my makeup at night.

When my skin is looking dull or feeling uneven, St. Ives Oatmeal scrub is my go to. I also enjoy making my own homemade avocado scrubs or I purchase scrubs from Lush.

To really put your skin on the map, I recommend doing a face mask twice a week.

Last but not least, let’s talk about spot treatments for stubborn pimples. If you can, refrain from picking at your face completely! But if you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself in the bathroom mirror poppin’ pimples for 30 minutes straight after telling yourself you would only get one. Immediately after, you’re filled with regret as you look at your red puffy face. After these sessions, you need to immediately cover the spots with tea tree oil diluted with a little water or dab a little bit of your favorite face mask on.

Additional skin care trick for oily skin:

Before bed, slap on a little baby powder. Your skin will absorb what it needs during the night and you will wake up with a matte fresh faced complexion.

Below, find a few links for the products I use!


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