Delicious Vegan Apple Quinoa Wrap

You’ve messed up if you haven’t tried grilled apples or quinoa in your veggie wraps. This super colorful and healthy vegan wrap is easy to make and will have your stomach feeling clean, nourished and satisfied, never stuffed.

apple quinoa wrap

In order to make this wrap, you will need the following:






Spinach wrap

½ cup spinach

½ avocado

small handful of grape tomatoes

small handful of brussel sprouts

½ apple

small handful of raspberries

Quinoa and chick peas


Oils & Vinegar:

Balsamic fig or raspberry vinaigrette drizzle


First, you want to cook your quinoa and chickpeas. As that’s cooking, you can begin cutting up your apples, avocado, and grape tomatoes.


In a separate pan, caramelize your Brussel sprouts and grill your apples. Once your quinoa is cooked and cooled, begin making your wrap. Line up each ingredient in a neat line, roll it up and enjoy!


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