Eyelashes & Mascara- Best Tips

What woman doesn’t love big eyelashes!? Here are some tricks on how to put your eyelashes on the map.

  • Start with an eyelash curler: curl your eyelashes starting at the root and clamp down multiple times then curl again slightly above the root and clamp down multiple times. This will give you the best curl.
  • The “Chizzle”. Don’t ask me why I call it this but move the brush from left to right in a quick motion starting at the root, instead of brushing your eyelashes upward. This little vibration reduces clumps, separates lashes and creates awesome volume.
  • I have yet to find the mascara brush that gives me everything I want so I use two different mascaras. First, I use L’Oreal’s “Double Extend Beauty Tubes” mascara. Amazing stuff! It’s great because the formula tubes your eyelashes so when you remove it with water, it literally just slides off no mess! If I want a natural look, I’ll just apply the L’Oreal masacara. If I want a more dramatic look, I’ll use Maybelline’s “LashSensational Full Fan Effect”. The Bomb! The wand is amazing and has so many brush bristles. It has a funky fanned shape that handles everything. It lengthens and declumps.

When choosing your mascara, make sure there are a lot of bristles on the brush that are close together. This will give your eyelashes that fanned out effect.

  • Curl again once mascara has dried

You’re now ready to showcase your flawless lashes!

Eyelash Care tips:

Once you remove your mascara, put a tiny drop of castor oil on a q-tip and rub on eyelashes.

Big lashes without mascara-

If you are in a rush or going to the gym and want a very natural look, here are quick tips on how to achieve big full lashes.

  • Curl lashes starting at the root and clamp down multiple times
  • Do the same but this time curl slightly above the root of your lashes
  • Last but not least, dab a bit of Vaseline on the middle of your lashes for volume.

For more on natural makeup routines, read the post below and also comment! 🙂


Natural Makeup


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