• Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

To each his own but I like my makeup on the lighter side. There are little tricks on how to get a natural contour going instead of going insane layering multiple products. I like makeup that enhances what someone already has instead of making them look so perfect, they look artificial and unrecognizable or makeup looks that are cakey. For this natural makeup look, we’re going to keep it simple with minimal product and time!

The process: 

  • Clean skin with witch hazel.
  • Apply BB/CC cream gently as if it were moisturizer. BB/CC cream is super lightweight and is much thinner than foundation. It will give you a light natural makeup look. If you need a little more coverage, apply two layers.
  • Apply concealer under the eyes in an upside down triangular shape, not straight across the under eye.
  • Apply bare minerals foundation powder or a powder of your choice on the top of your forehead, cheek bone area, and jawline. This will create a natural contour. (The powder color should be 1-2 shades darker than your skintone) The purpose of contouring is to mimic the ways light hits the face. It also defines the face and makes it pop. But contouring and foundation often is used in excess and can make someone look too perfect and fake or cakey. Less is more 🙂
  • Fill in eyebrows, curl lashes and apply lip gloss or lipstick!
    • Put a small amount of vaseline on lashes and comb them
    • If you want your eyes to pop more, apply mascara. Check out my posts on the best mascaras out there 🙂
  • Done!

Keep it simple and enhance what you already have. Big lashes, a glowing complexion and definition in the cheeks is all a woman needs. I know many women prefer to use foundation instead of BB cream since it provides more coverage for acne and discoloration but I would also suggest working on the real foundation of our faces first, which is our natural skin. Get to the root of your acne or breakout issue instead of using heavy coverage. Depending on the type of skin problem, it can be fixed with a better diet and skin care routine 🙂


For more skin care tips, read the post below and tell me what you think of the suggestions 🙂

Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Complexion

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Comments (4)
  1. Tricia says:

    Your makeup looks great! I’ve never tried BB cream because I need a heavier foundation. I have lots of breakouts, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll have to try it if I can get my skin under control!

    1. shantelmendez@yahoo.com says:

      thank you! maybe try witch hazel and an egg white mask for breakouts. works so well for me.

  2. Vidhu Skulpt says:

    I have always wanted to try my hand at makeup, but was intimidated with all the contouring and highlighting videos on the internet. This post seems so easy, even a beginner can try it out. And the nest part is that I don’t need too many products!

  3. kolors says:

    Amazing post! This has was really helpful! thanks for sharing!

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