My 28 day weight loss program includes the following: an easy to follow, organized nutrition guide with meal suggestions, and a template of all the exercise movements we will cover accompanied by fitness videos of me demonstrating each movement while explaining proper form. You will also receive a video compilation of me doing each workout assigned so you guys can follow along. ¬†Finally, you will receive my support and motivation throughout the duration of your challenge. Once I receive your before photos and measurements, I will be checking in on you each week to see how you’re coming along. I’m excited to see what you can do!


My 28 day weight loss program will teach you how to have ultimate control over your mind and body. The metaphor behind my program is the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Don’t focus on your present circumstance! Focus on what you want to transform into! Always focus on upgrading yourself, even if you are already in good shape. Not only will your body composition change, but your mentality will change as well. Prepare to greatly improve your posture and body composition and begin to carry yourself with a cool confidence. ¬†My workouts are fun and engaging and will have you shed fat in no time. Weight loss and muscle gain is definitely a process but the process is what will bring out your strength. I look forward to coaching you!


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