Resistance Bands & Leg/Booty Program

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    If you want strong defined legs and a tone butt, you need these bands in your life. They activate and isolate your muscles from deep within to create an intense burn. Vision Driven bands can help you take simple movements, such as squats, lunges and bridges, to a whole new level. They’re intense but super convenient and can be used anywhere from the gym, to the comfort of your own home or hotel room when traveling.

    Vision Driven bands are different from most bands on the market because they are made of polyester rubber instead of thin latex. The latex bands are super flimsy and quickly roll down the thighs when doing certain movements such as lunges. Vision Driven bands are thick, will always stay in place and are extremely comfortable.

    You will receive one medium and one hard band (no light up in here!) along with my full leg/butt program and tutorial video.


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    Weight .312 kg
    Dimensions 7 x 2 x 3 cm
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