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    The key to changing the body is constantly introducing it to new challenges. My high intensity circuit style program does just that! It will help you lose fat and gain lean muscle mass at a much quicker rate than other programs. My routines are tough but a lot of fun.  If you’ve tried to workout before and made little progress, it most likely was because your routine was too predictable and you may not have complimented it with good nutrition.

    I will provide you with a game plan that will guarantee results. I offer a variety of different personal training packages but the most fun is the 6 week, 10 week, or 20 week challenge. You and I would sit down and choose three goals that you would have to hit by your final week. We would take before photos and measurements. Included in the challenges is a body fat scan, which tells you what percent of your weight is fat, muscle and water. It also includes two customized at home workouts, a meal plan, and weekly progress check ins, along with motivation in and outside our sessions.

    My first personal training session is complimentary as it consists of a fitness assessment and getting to know you and what you’re trying accomplish. Feel free to schedule your first consultation or contact me for further details regarding my program.

    I hope to work with you on your goals!

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